A little bit about me

Born in Belgrade in 1980.

Video production begins to deal with the end of the nineties, creating for the Belgrade television numerous jingles and credits of popular shows. During this period begins with directing short films and TV shows fit. At the same time experimenting with the documentary genre. As a result of the emergence of several documentaries and educational content.

The quality and originality of the work and the success they had achieved allowed him to complete a production and creative independence. One after the other, followed the new projects.

2004 established Mosquito Video & Animation, a studio for video production and animation, and from the beginning of his career to date, as a director, producer and screenwriter, was signed by more than 2000 commercials.

He is married with wife Maja, has a son Alex and daughter Mia and Jana.

  • The winner of the “Crystal Prism for special effects”, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science of Serbia in 2013 for special effects and post-production on the film “Ice” – Jelena Bajic Jocic
  • He received an award for the most-watched TV Novosti and most successful advertising campaign (Monus – Fast) in 2003.
  • Supervisor of special effects and post-production on three-night film – “Žućko – the story of the Korac”, “Ice” and “For King and Fatherland”
  • Successful cooperation with the National Theatre so that it appears as a technical and creative collaborator for video installations as well as the author of numerous commercials for the show.
  • 2001-2003 he was hired as the creative support of the renowned festival Suncane Skale, entrusted with the design of complete visual identities.
  • 2012 Mosquito Video & Animation produced the first Serbian animated series “Jet Set” broadcasted on TV B92. The series consists of 8 episodes of 24 minutes.
  • He has been engaged as a creative and expert consultant on numerous television and on various projects.
  • Since 2002, he also produces and directs commercials in political election there. 2012 he directed videos for the winning presidential campaign “A fair and successful Serbia – Tomislav Nikolic,” and in 2014 and winning campaign, “All the power in the reform – Aleksandar Vucic”

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